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How to Avoid Mental Burnout

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Are you looking for some tips to stay balanced? Here are a couple of ways to avoid being mentally burnt out:

Managing your time
  • Good time management~ If you’re the type of person who tries to accomplish everything all at once(I’m guilty,????), then I’d suggest working on projects as much as time allows during the day and pick up where you left off the following day. Are you a one more reply kind of guy or gal? Save your energy to finish sorting through emails later. Don’t feel bad if you don’t complete it; Your mental well being will thank you for it. If only there were forty eight hours in a day or two of me…If that were the case, I think that we all could get everything done but we have to try to do what we can within the twenty four hour period. Speaking of emails, ConvertKit will assist you with time management while using email marketing to reach your audience and/or clients.
How to Avoid Mental Burnout
Take a break
  • Take a vacation~ All work and no play on a regular basis isn’t always a good thing. You can have a good work ethic without sacrificing your mind. We all need a break at some point; If you work hard why not take a little time to rejuvenate? Take a vacation! How about a weekend escape surrounded by nature, a beach day, a week long trip to an international spot or a staycation? Whatever your budget allows there’s always an option for you.
How to Avoid Mental Burnout
  • Disengaging from social media~ Social media can become overwhelming, sometimes. You should take a break from it, if needed. The timeframe of giving it a rest is all dependent upon the individual; Whenever you feel like it’s time to connect again would be the right time.
How to Avoid Mental Burnout
  • Focus on a hobby and/or passion~ During your free time try to focus on an old/new hobby that you enjoy. And for all of the ladies…a girls night out won’t hurt either????

How do you go about avoiding mental burnout? Please leave a comment!

14 thoughts on “How to Avoid Mental Burnout

  1. I needed this today! Our family went on a vacation over the weekend (lots of hiking, swimming, and goofing off) and it’s amazing how this break from work and the computer caused the creativity to kick back in. Thanks for these simple reminders to take a break, disengage from social media, and manage time well. It’s funny how I know these things and also need that occasional reminder too!

    1. Hi Jed! I’m glad that you found these tips helpful. That’s awesome! Family, nature and laughs are always welcome. Yes, it’s very true that the creative juices are able to flow when you give yourself a break. We all need to be reminded sometimes!

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