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6 Ways to Effectively Destress

Are you trying to find ways to relieve built up stress? Here are six effective ways to remove stress from your life:

Breathe in & breathe out
  1. Meditation- Meditating is soothing to the mind, body and soul. If you’re an extremely busy person, like myself, it can be difficult fitting it into your daily schedule. Discipline is definitely the key. I use a free mobile app for my daily sessions. I’ll admit that I’ve been inconsistent at times when it comes to putting aside time for myself throughout the day. I opt for the mini sessions which are 3-5 minutes. If I’m unable to fit it in during the morning then I try to do it before bedtime; I find that it helps you sleep better. If you’re only able to set aside a couple of minutes in the day then it’s perfectly fine. It will aid in lowering your stress level.
Meditation at the beach
Effective Ways to Destress Health
Meditation makes you feel better.
Getting a bit physical

2. Exercise- The second way of eliminating stress is getting a little bit physical. Exercise is a good stress reliever. There are so many activities that can assist with tension such as playing sports, yoga, walking and running. The best part of it all is that some of them can be done without leaving your home. If you have exercise equipment at home that’s great but it’s not a necessity. Activities that can be done without going anywhere would include yoga, cardio(walking/running in place), lunges, squats, pushups and many more. Honestly, I’ve never been to the gym in my life lol. I normally get my physical workout in through normal everyday routine such as walking, which is an excellent way to throw some cardio into the mix. I also enjoy playing tennis and riding a bicycle. Work off that tension!

Fun way to exercise
Effective Ways to Destress Health
Ride away that stress
Catching Some Z’s

3. Proper sleep- It’s important to get at least 8 hours of sleep per night, if possible. The body needs rejuvenation especially when it’s under pressure. It will not only help in healing you physically but it’s connected to your mental well being, too.

Effective Ways to Destress Health
Rest will make you feel refreshed
Sipping on some tea

4. Drinking some tea- If you’re a herbal tea lover, like myself, don’t forget to treat yourself to a cup with some honey. It’s a perfect way to add calmness to your day.

Effective Ways to Destress Health
Indulge in a soothing cup of tea
Fresh air and sunlight

5. Go outdoors- It doesn’t cost a thing to step outside for a few minutes. Take a moment to breathe in some fresh air. A little bit of sunshine won’t hurt either.

Effective Ways to Destress Health
Sunshine=Vitamin D

6. Do what you love- What do you enjoy doing in your free time? Do you have a hobby that you’ve always liked to do? The last way of getting rid of stress is doing something that brings you joy! You can boost your energy and mood by doing something that makes you happy. I love dancing, singing, watching tennis and writing(Umm, surprise surprise lol). Finding something that your passionate about can help ease the tension that stress can create.

Effective Ways to Destress Health
Use your passions to destress

What methods do you use to lower your stress level? Comment below!

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